Trouble Blogging

There are topics that do not get mentioned in this blog. That is something that is known to many of my readers. This in the past has never presented to be a problem, until now. There is something going on in my life right now that is very special to me, something marvelously exciting, but I do not feel as though it is appropriate for this blog, however, it does not seem to quite fit my other blogs either. I keep a restricted access journal on the topic, but its not the same as expressing my feelings publicly. This is such a joyous thing, but yet private as well.

As I mentioned, there are other blogs that might be better suited to this topic, but in other ways, it does not seem to fit there. I am conflicted on my feelings about my own privacy. All of my blogs are public, so why is there really the need for the serpation anyway? No one who does not already know a great deal about me visits this blog, and to top it off, the only real reason for the seperation of blogs is the TMI issues. Should I not be comfortable enough with myself to allow for disclosure of these things that make me feel like I will burst if I do not share them?