Degree Audit (Associates)

If I were to complete my deck of Associate degrees with the full assortment I would have to meet the following requirements:

Associate of Fine Arts in Visual Art

  • 2D Design (ART 121)
  • 3D Design (ART 122)
  • Three studios from Photo 1 (261), Computer Art 1 (171), Painting (240), Jewelry (247), Print Making (231) or Sculpture (281)
  • Total of 15 SCH remaining

Associate of Sciences

  • College Physics II (PHY-152)
  • Calculus II (MAT-175) and Calculus III (MAT-271)
  • College Transfer Success (ACA-122) WTF? I’m articulated bitch! 
  • Total of 13 SCH remaining

 Associate of Applied Sciences in Computer Programming

  • Introduction to Programming and Logic (CIS-115)
  • System Analysis and Design (CTS-285)
  • Computer Programming Capstone (CSC-289)
  • Database Concepts (DBA-110) ugh! can I substitute?
  • Operating System Concepts (NOS-110) see above
  • Security Concepts (SEC-110) ok, I assign root/admin too much
  • Network Concepts (NET-110) or Network Basics (NET-125) didn’t I do this in Network Engineering?
  • Information Systems Business Concepts (CTS-115)
  • Linux (NOS-120) or Windows (NOS-130) pretty sure I could exam out of it
  • Advanced C++ Programming (CSC-234) if my prayers are answered
  • Total of 30 SCH

While the AFA and AAS in CP are equally useful, I am more likely to complete the AFA because there are too many redundant requirements in the Computer Programming Degree. If I completed the AS it would be after everything else was done and just for the fun of fucking with people.