Helping a Caveman Find His Way

Just when I thought my father  could not find any more ways to annoy me with technology questions, here comes the newest inquiry, regarding a GPS. Apparently my mother has to go to Charleston, SC for 3 days to work next week and her boss is willing to pay for the Saturday as well, so both parents are going. My father approached me to inquire if I have a Mer Girlin (Magellan) device. After about 4 attempts of him repeating it and him angrily declaring “you know, punch in the address and it tells you where you are”, I was able to translate from his native cave-man to English (or is it Portuguese?) to determine that he was asking about a Magellan GPS device. I showed him my device, and he was not impressed (well duh! Mine doesn’t talk and is for getting my ass out of the woods, not for road trips).

Now through some weird deduction of his logic he has gotten “Yes I will help you pick one” out of “I might go with you to pick one”, so I guess I am going to go help my father find a suitable GPS device to blow $300 on to help him navigate a 3 hour trip to South Carolina (although, if Gilligan got lost in a storm, my father might get lost on a slightly windy day).

At the present time the  going recommendation is a Garmin nüvi 205W Navigator.