Disagreeing with Maslow

Dr. Abraham Maslow’s key to human personality theory is a hierarchy of needs. Unfortunately, I find this key to be flawed and unlocks no information or understanding to the human personality. Upon first glance I recognized that the hierarchy did not really seem to need to be followed in order, but initially I blindly accepted that all “needs” lead to self-actualization and that all of the needs would need to be fulfilled before self-actualization could occur. Upon further thinking about what self-actualization is, I determined that Maslow probably intended for all component needs to add up to the final self-actualized step, but I find it to be not the case. Maslow argues that only 1% of people are self-actualized, but yet, I meet all of his requirements for self-actualization, without even fully clearing the “esteem” need. Seems a bit odd. Maslow’s work is not scientific and represents a gross attempt at a universal explanation for human behavior without him doing any actual work towards it. His theories are merely pulled out of the sky and written in a scholarly form to look good. Not a worthwhile theory set.