One-Thousand Blog Posts

As of this moment there are 1006 blog posts residing on my blog engine (Moveable Type) that I have written. I have made a total of 6 cross-posted posts in my blogging history, so this brings me to my present total of 1000 unique blog posts. Over 850 of those posts belong to this blog. I feel a bit unaccomplished at this point as this blog has been in existence of close to 5 years. I guess I thought I would have been a little farther along by now.
In some ways the total number of posts is irrelevant, but the distribution of posts is more descriptive of my life. Lately I have had a somewhat higher number of posts per month than I have had for years in the past. When I am active as a person, I am active as a blogger. When I do nothing as a blogger, I am a depressed person.
Maybe before I reach my next 1000 posts I will go through my blogs and properly tag and categorize each and every entry. It is quite a bit of work, so it will likely take a while.