Due Dates and Deadlines

I should really learn to be more careful with how I handle due dates for things. Last night I was in a panic, trying to get my Cognitive Psychology paper done before midnight Sunday (Fed. 8th). The due date in GITI became the 8th because it was originally set for the 5th because of the self paced nature of Cognitive Psychology. In Cog, all of the assignments are due when the unit closes, in this case, I thought the unit closed on Feb 8, but it turns out that the new module opens on the 8th and the present module closes on the 12th, so I prepared my assignment about 4 days too early and was in a panic, and making plans around the assignment for no reason. I guess if I am going to deviate from my decided schedule in this course, I should probably check with the master schedule before making any new dates, oops. I worry that the problem could have gone reversed, calmly completing an assignment against an adjusted due date, only to find out that the assignment is overdue. I do not want that to happen, ever.