Instructors Are Annoying

ok, the title sounds bad, but it really is not about my instructors, its about my instructor objects. Today I have been working on moving some things around and creating a bond between the AddressBook and Education modules. I want my instructors (present and future) to be registered with the AddressBook so that I can store a lot more information about them. The problem with this comes from the process for associating an instructor to a class and the handling of old instructors.

The main issues are:

  • Allowing user to enter information, but avoiding duplication of instructors
  • Keeping Class.Instructor and the Instructor object consistent
  • Promote data insertion at various points in the process without overwhelming user
  • Keeping my sanity while tracking all possible permutations of data manipulation

I have a majority of my code written, but there is still a lot of things I need to consider to prevent data contamination.