GITI: Time Is Now Relevant

Upon a user request, in GITI Education, Time is now a relevant field for assignments. Basic time support has now been added to the Add, Edit, and View single assignment pages. With this update to the Education module also comes a change of intention for the “Date Assigned” and “Time Assigned” fields. The field labels now express the intention of taking on the earliest date the assignment will be available, and not necessarily recording the actual date the assignment was created.

The batch add system will receive the functionality after implementation options are considered, especially with regard to the programmatic assigning of times to a batch of assignments. The batch edit system will receive the functionality as soon as the batch edit code itself is written.

  • Summary now utilizes the “Time Due” field when sorting the assignments that are due in the current context
  • Overdue assignment notices do not presently consider Time
  • Summary will now only show assignments with “Date Assigned” dates that are ‘yesterday’ and before