Relearning My Old Tricks

One of my favorite things to do on my Fujifilm S5200 was take macro pictures. I have found that so far on the Nikon D60, it isn’t exactly the same process. Switching between the two cameras has not exactly been like moving between horses, they are two completely different beasts. The natural tendency for the D60 is to have a shallow depth of field, which causes problems with macro because of the already shortened field involved because of the closeness of the object. Additionally, my adapter lens that worked so wonderfully on the 5200 is almost too short of a field (focus is affected by 1-2mm distance change) on my D60’s 18-55mm lens (parked at 35mm), and is almost unusable on the 55-200mm (anywhere on the tube). 

Yesterday, I was attempting to do some macro shots, and really was not in the mood to switch off the 55-200 to use the 18-55 for it, especially since I wanted the ability to zoom, so that I would not shadow myself. I found that the close-up adapters that I had disregarded as “useless” on the S5200 actually work quite well on the D60’s lenses. Another thing I am finding that I can do with the D60 that could not easily do on the S5200 is do macro shots while hand-holding the camera. The flash is ample that it makes the shots possible and once diffused, creates a very warm feel to the images that would otherwise come out as a very yellow, sick feeling to the color of the images without flash (incandescent and CF lighting causes it). The VR functions of the lenses are also quite nice for that type of thing. I am so looking forward to summer, so that I may give these things a thorough test and really compare the D60 to the S5200.

I am still relearning all that I had learned on the S5200 on the D60, as well as integrating some of the D60’s unique functionality into my technique.