The Suckage That Is ‘Doc’

GITI has many nice features, including its ability to track file names for assignments and in general be responsible for holding information about the majority of my academic work, but there are some areas where functions that are not directly part of the Education module, but that it relies on, have failed to be developed as well as the Education module components itself. Today the external dependancy that I am pissed at is the GITI ‘Doc’ module. ‘Doc’ is a simple module, always has been, with its primary functionality to be allowing the writing of lengthy documents within GITI itself. I was attempting to work on a research paper for Cognitive Psychology and found that I could not easily do a page break without having to add a new document to the assignment for each page. This is somewhat less than ideal. I also found that there is no concept of spacing for things like vertical centering because it is not something easily done in HTML (except with tables, which I suppose might be my best bet here?). I do love Doc, but sometimes its simplicity becomes a hinderance to my work flow, since I sometime have to find creative ways to do what I want to do in it. That being said… Doc is a lot less annoying that Microsoft Word for a lot of tasks. Word has this thing about pagniation that no matter what setting you put the thing on, it still recognizes that it is on a page and hints at this (if even only by little dashes across the document). GITI Doc has more of a flow and I can type most of my formatting without fighting with Word’s complicated controls for that type of thing. I don’t have to loose flow and use the mouse to do things like bold my text, or apply an underline, I just type <strong> and <u&gt where I want it to be :-).
I need to spend some time working on things that are not part of Education, I might one day leave the world of academics and have a need for some components of GITI for other things.