Another Change of Major

I have just completed another change of major, at Fayetteville. This time I can safely say that it is not my fault. I received an email a while ago, stating that I should change my major from “Psychology” to “Psychology-Online” or else, I would not be allowed to register for any online courses for Summer or Fall. To make things more fun, the page created by the Distance Education coordinator reminds students that even after being accepted to the university, it is not guaranteed that you will be accepted to a degree program, she goes on to state that there are limited spaces for students in online courses. I am a little worried, since I don’t exactly have the option of taking courses in person on the campus. There is also a little part of me that knows that the process should go ok, since all it takes is the psychology department secretary to OK my request and all is well with the world. I might just have to write a little note to Ms. Lopez later to make sure (why not, she’s been emailing me a lot lately).

I do not like the fact that I was sent this email just 2 weeks before registration opens. It takes a minimum of 5 days for these things to be processed, and I am already convinced that the registrar hates me, so there is another worry to add to this.

I have always been very excited about the distance education concept and very confident in the possibilities there, but sometimes there is no replacement for having the ability to go see your registrar and be within slapping distance of them.