Fall 2009 Course Plan

I have been planning for my upcoming registration date for both Summer and Fall for a while now (just ask my advisor). My summer schedule has been previously discussed, and everything appears to be in order for that. There are some problems with my fall schedule though.

Introduction to Clinical and Counselling Psychology [PSYC342]
Introduction to Clinical and Counseling Psychology: A survey of the history, theories, and applications of clinical and counseling psychology, with an emphasis on analyses of the various approaches to counseling and therapy. — 3 hours

Research Methodology [PSYC352]
Research Methodology: A lecture and laboratory course covering the design, analysis, implementation, and interpretation of experimental research in areas of general psychology, such as learning, memory, and perception, and in social psychology. — 4 hours

Behavior Modification [PSYC380]
Behavior Modification: A study of applications of learning theories and laboratory findings to behavior problems in educational, clinical, and social settings, with emphasis on empirical research demonstrating the effectiveness of behavior modification and cognitive/behavioral techniques — 3 hours

Developmental Psychology [PSYC331]
Developmental Psychology: An introduction to developmental psychology, focusing on the period from conception through adolescence, with emphasis on developmental principles and theories in the areas of cognitive, emotional, social, personality, and physical development. — 3 hours


That is the schedule as I had originally planned it. The department on the other hand, has other ideas about the course selection. At present only 4 courses show up in Banner for Fall in the Online Psychology program (remember, registration is in 14 days). So far the only course from my list that is in Banner in PSYC 352, which is a core major course, so it will likely be not very exciting.

I had considered working on some courses for a potential minor in Sociology (common pairing at FSU), but the only thing I could take is SOCI 210, but that isn’t even available online. I really was looking forward to “Sociology of Deviant Behavior”, but I don’t meet the pre-requisite, so no fun course in that area for me.