Problem with Mini Windows

I have had a less than fun day trying to install Windows XP on the Mini 9.

First, had to image the system so I could restore it, that required:

  • Getting GRUB to boot a USB key
  • Managing to make Xubuntu Intrepid Ibex Live run
  • Figuring out a terminal application that does not fit in my desktop size
  • Managing to mount an SD card to the right spot to make the app save the image

After that, it was time for the Windows install. I had prepared my installation media a few days ago, or so I thought.

First try ended up not working because of missing components (had nLite take out too much)

Second attempt began failing because the utility that is supposed to write the files for the installation was unclear about drive assignment. This was corrected by a Boot.ini edit. This install ended after it was completed and it was realized that nLite had still truncated too much, and COM+ could not run.

Third attempt ended with a mostly functional system that identifies itself as a “standard PC”, which means no ACPI. An attempt to swap HAL ended not so well.

Fourth (and hopefully final attempt) is running now. HAL has been set to the ACPI PC and all of the required OS files are present. Drivers are included and otherwise, this should be a fairly small OS installation.

Chris has been patiently working on this with me, he seems almost excited about the Mini 9 as I am.