Warm weather

The snow has melted and it is as if we have gone straight from winter to summer in just a few days. Luckily the nights are still cool and the weather is not too unbearable yet, but 80 degrees in March has me not looking forward to what the weather will be like in June.

With this warm weather I have gotten in the mood for planting and preparing for my summer garden. Earlier today I transplanted the last of the strawberries in the AeroGarden to different containers to finish maturing their root systems, and then I planted my tomato and pepper seeds in the starter tray as the next batch. With a little good weather I should have quite a nice garden this summer. I do not know what I am going to do with 46 tomato plants and 24 pepper plants.

Unfortunately this weekend’s weather will not hold and therefore I am stuck with 20 strawberry plants sitting on the kitchen table until the last frost (traditionally signaled by the blossoming of blackberries).