Tripods, Again

Went by Wolf Camera and looked at their tripods. The selection sucked, basically 5 models that ranged from crap to crapier. Only one of the models did the 90 degree flip that I really like on my basic, cheap tripod. Wolf had no ball head tripods or anything even close. After finding that my chances of finding the perfect tripod locally were a bit low, I stopped by my aunt’s house on the way home (shes on the way, and has been begging me to stop in). My uncle showed me his video camera tripod. It has a solid head and nice leg assembly. It is very similar to the one I saw at Best Buy, except the one at Best Buy was a little fancier. I am thinking of forgoing the 90 degree flip for now and just going with a really good tripod and obtaining an adapter for the other angle. I don’t think I will be settling, but I do feel that this is the practical approach for now, since I can not find anything else locally, and I do not trust buying a tripod that I can not feel due to the high variability in quality.