Distance Frustration

I am becoming frustrated with distance education, although I do not entirely know why. On the factual side of things, my credentials from other schools have not been evaluated at FSU yet (they were sent in February), the change of major process is going way too slowly for my liking (since it isn’t a real change of major, just a change of campus), and I can’t  seem to get my advisor to issue my alternate registration PIN for summer and fall registration. It bothers me that I can not physically go to these people that are troubling me, and that they are not responding to my emails. I don’t get why I am so bothered, since it is not like when I go to a physical campus I interact with anyone by any way other than email.

I think I might be a little upset by the fact the email systems are in transition and I have no way of knowing which address I should be using for official university communication.