Psychological Procrastination

In 48 hours, on Sunday evening at around 11PM, I have a major psychology assignment due. I sometimes procrastinate on things, but not usually like this. I am afraid to do the assignment that I am procrastinating on. Remember that term paper I mentioned a few months ago? Its due. I do not like the idea of writing a paper about myself. I forced myself a few weeks ago to write the abstract for the paper as well as do a basic outline of the paper topics. I looked over it early in an attempt to get ready for the paper, but could barely stand to look back over the outline. I was a very open person the day I wrote the outline, and today I am a little more wrapped in my shell. I hate writing about myself, especially analytically. I recognize that I need to get over all of this if I am actually going to make it into graduate school. I have a difficult year ahead as I prepare for all of this. I will have to become very comfortable with myself if I am going to be successful with psychology. As a matter of fact, if I manage to overcome my issues with myself for the purpose of psychology, then it will have a profound impact on my abilities as an artist, writer and anything else I choose to do. If I can manage to survive this one little assignment, my existence will make a lot more sense to me, but first I have to survive that first paragraph, the biography.