Registration Anxiety

I am always eager for registration to open, its just something I do, I like being the one to devirginize a course and takes its first seat. Due to problems mentioned in the previous post, I do not even know if I will be able to register for classes, but I am sure going to try :-). I can barely sit still, I am bouncing around (and talking way too much) because of the excitement. I’m starting to think that I need to get fucked or something.

I think part of my excitement is coming from the fact that I have decided that I do not believe that I have been singled out by the registrar to be screwed by the previously mentioned issues, as well as the fact that the pre-requisite thing for online majors seems to be in place now, only its not in place. There is a major restriction on the online courses, which just appeared like yesterday or today sometime, which means that someone is making adjustments and preparations. As long as my advisor is not lying to me about the PIN number thing (which would likely indicate the registrar is throwing out that process for now), then I should be able to register with no problems.

All I know is I will feel better when Banner thinks its midnight (should be about 23:46 given the current Banner clock).  I will either be able to register and be happy, not be able to register and neither will anyone else and I will be happy or I will not be able to register and everybody else will and I’ll whine to my advisor by voicemail and beg her to talk to the instructors for any closed sections for me.

Only thing that feels like it might get messy is a course I was wanting for my computer science minor, but no big deal, I’ll sort it out later.