From Frustrated to Pissed

I know that sometimes when I am dealing with people I get frustrated too early with things like slow processes or anything that takes time and requires human attention, but now I feel that I have a right to be, at least when it comes to Fayetteville State University.

Registration opens in about 10 hours, and there are a few problems.

  1. Advising PINs – These are great in place of a registration hold for advising, but they are best when the advisors can actually give them to students. Last time I checked, my advisor did not have access to my advising PIN and I was supposed to wait until Thursday to get it. Thursday came and went, no PIN has shown up yet. I e-mailed, and no response.
  2. Online Restrictions – it was announced by email on March 29th that we would be required to have declared an Online major before registration opens to be able to register for courses that are needed. I filed my change of major on that same day and my department processed it about 48 hours later. My form is somewhere in the magical land of ITTS waiting for the registrar to enter it. It takes 5 – 10 days for the whole change of major process under normal load at the registrar’s office, but now there is this requirement that comes 16 days before registration and everyone is scrambling to get the requirements met. My change has not shown up in the system yet, therefore, I must assume that I will not be able to get the courses I need, even if I did have my PIN (although, there is no sign on the courses that they are so restricted).
  3. Semesters are not open – Usually a few days before registration opens the registrar will “turn on” the semester, making it go from “view only” to clear, which allows students to view information about their registration eligibility and other helpful little notes. I can not see my status on anything at the moment, nor can I declare my intention for the semester with the registrar (a semester requirement for administrative purposes).
  4. Registrar does not answer – I have sent several e-mails to the registrar’s office and they have all gone unanswered. If there were to be a problem (such as my major not being entered), I do not believe I could get a response from anyone, and the registrar announces that if I call, I will be on hold for a long time before I reach anyone. Maybe I should set aside an afternoon to call and get all of my issues resolved at once.
  5. Date confusion – Everywhere I look for the registration open date, I see April 13 at 12am, except for seeing it in once place that I can not remember that stated it is April 14th at 12am. If the 14th is correct, I could calm down, but somehow I doubt that one source was correct.

I am not sure what is going on with these people, but I find it hard to believe that if registration PINs were not issued until Thursday that very many people were able to get them. I also am having a hard time trusting my advisor presently, she is not answering my questions, only delaying giving me a PIN. Not sure what to think there.

I will try accessing Banner at midnight with my CRNs just in case some magical thing will allow me to register. I have been trying so hard to get everything done on time so that I would be able to register as soon as registration opens, maybe another semester? and maybe the instructors will be nice and permit me into closed sections?