Textbook Flub

Whenever I am not suspicious of something potentially going wrong and just trust things, then things go wrong. All of my textbooks for Summer arrived on time, and I thought everything was good, until the department chair sent out a memo stating that the bookstore had sent the wrong books to students. I checked, and yep, I’ve got the wrong book for Biopsychology, which pisses me off since there will be an exam next weekend and the first assignments will be due on TUESDAY. I have contacted the bookstore, and they will send my replacement out tomorrow, Friday. They use FedEx, so the package will not actually reach me until Monday. This fucking sucks. My first weekend of courses for the summer semester and I am already behind because of people getting orders wrong.

I only have one thing to ask here, why is the textbook wrong? The textbook is part of the rental program, which means that the instructors and department are locked into a 24 month contract for which text to use for the course. There are no changes allowed until that time is up, and since the program just started last Fall, that could not be the case.

Also, no sign of the new instructor yet, the department chair is covering for him still.