Aphid Annihilation

This week I have discovered my absolute worst garden enemy, the aphid. The only problem is they are not in the garden, where it is easy to kill them. This is on the AeroGardens, indoors. Today I have been trying to get the little bastards off of my pepper plants. I started by trying to spray them with water, that worked out ok, but not great, it got a lot of them off. I brought the garden in and let the dead fall off, that took out a few more of them. A few hours ago I became bored enough to decide to kill them off manually. I went after the colony with tweezers, q-tips and a cup of warm soapy water (1 part Dawn detergent to 3 parts water). The big boys that I pulled off with the tweezers I drowned in the water, and then the others I swabbed off with the q-tip soaked in the soapy water. That seemed to do the trick, there are few to none of the demon insects left and I feel a little better about the new pepper plants that are growing in the garden I just started.

Aphids are no fun, but its kinda cool having their corpses chained together in a cup of soapy water.

One thought on “Aphid Annihilation

  1. I”m not sure if it would work, or, if it does, if it’s what you want; but I once heard that you can set apple slices near the plant to detract the bugs from gettin on the plant itself.

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