Twitter: A Replacement for Conversation

How socially handicapped can a society become? I have been ignoring the recently “twitter trend” of micro-blogging and instant status updates, mostly just hoping that Twitter would pass and then life could return to normal. Unfortunately, when your favorite porn star begins to tweet and speaks of how widespread the disease has become, it gets a little harder to ignore. So I must turn my attention to questioning, what’s the big deal with Twitter?


I blog because its what I do. I have been blogging for nearly 5 years and I have never questioned why I do it. It is a written record of where I have been and what I have done. Do Twits think the same way? To me Twitter seems as though it is more directed at replacing conversation. Instead of writing an email or calling someone when you arrive somewhere or calling to talk to someone about what you did during the day, you just twit and everyone knows instantly. Seems boring and kind of anti-social, and for some people, they will soon discover that no one really cares what they are doing.