Not Enough Time

One may think that with being bored, that any chance for activity to occur would be a welcome blessing. Unfortunately, in my world, things seem to all hit at almost the exact same time. My mother has decided to take the rest of the week off from work and take care of some things in the yard, so of course I am needed for that (since she can barely carry a light bag of mulch). Also at the same time, the boyfriend wants to hang out, and by the time I finished with my mother it was too late for that, and now boyfriend is crushed, and I feel nothing but guilt for the fact that I didn’t put a time  limit on my mother, since I did agree to hang out with boyfriend, and the thing with my mother was sort of a last minute thing (don’t even remember agreeing to do it, just sort of got started). Now that I’m done with mother, and boyfriend is upset, uncle calls. I have no clue what uncle wants to talk about, since I have decided to take a few minutes to calm down instead of totally cracking, but whatever it is, it is time consuming, since he only calls when he needs technical advice or someone to fix something that he has broken.

I don’t like disappointing  people, especially not people who are very close to me.  I often wonder if there is something wrong with me, since I can not manage to avoid getting roped into helping certain people, when I have already agreed to do something with someone else. I  suppose in my life there aren’t that many things that require a lot of time and that block me from doing other things. In other words, my time management skills suck, and GITI is by no means able to make things like this work (no stated time, so no way to schedule).

On a positive note for today, I have planted about 16 pepper plants, 8 or 10 tomato plants, 2 hibiscus and an azalea (but I can’t forget the 1 broken heart and 1 ignored relative).

One thought on “Not Enough Time

  1. the thing to remember in both of those cases is this: They love you, and that’s not gonna change….
    Now, that being said, I present you with the following. Please note that finding this required locating the SRT file for the film of it’s origin and then editing out all the crap so it was readable. Why did I do it?Cause I love ya too 😉
    you’re walking down the
    street happy as a pig in mud.
    Feeling simple and sweet…
    like a heifer
    chewing her cud.
    Now I don’t want
    to burst your bubble…
    and make you fret.
    But I think that I smell
    trouble so watch your step.
    f you’re raring to go and
    hopping back in the saddle.
    Next thing you know up a
    creek without a paddle.
    If you think you want success
    and all its trappings.
    But honey, life’s
    a mess, shit happens.
    They say that a life is
    just a bowl of cherries.
    But they don’t make
    greeting cards…
    about dingleberries.
    Now you’re embarrassed and
    you won’t let no one see you,
    ’cause they don’t write
    love songs about diarrhea.
    You’ve got a foot in
    tomorrow and foot in yesterday.
    You’ll get
    nothing but sorrow…
    cause you’re
    crapping on today.
    No matter what, you got
    to keep on laughing.
    Just laugh with your mouth
    shut, cause shit happens.
    You doing in it and you’re
    barefoot stepping in it.
    Thinking got
    a master plan,
    then it all
    just hits the fan.
    Life can throw
    you for a loop.
    Then it covers
    you in poop.
    Shit happens.
    Shit happens.
    If you ain’t listening to me,
    then my gums
    are just flapping.
    The moral of this
    story, shit happens.
    Can’t hear you.
    Shit, shit, shit,
    shit, shit!
    Life’s a game and you can win it
    even when you’re knee deep in it.
    Keep a fighting
    and scrappin’…
    cause its spraying
    and splattin’…
    shit happens.
    (I also have the song, if you happen to wanna hear it)

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