New Schedules


The Department of Psychology at Fayetteville State University has finalized its course options for the Fall 2009 semester. As a result, I have altered my schedule accordingly and added courses that I need to my schedule. I did not get all of the courses I want, but I can’t really complain, since I have a full schedule and am still on track for graduation. My only complaint would be that PSYC 320 is not available, so I will NOT be able to take PSYC 380 in the spring (its on there for now until I find another elective).

Also, please note the new coloring for GITI’s Academic Course Listing, goldenrod is now the color used for courses that are officially registered, and purple will remain as the color for “planned” courses… And not that it matters, but red is the color used for “active” courses, and finally, green is used for courses that have been finished and closed. All other course statuses take the color of their parent status (“closed, waiting for grade” is green, because the course is closed, etc).