Academic Progress Report

For the next little while, this form and I will become very good friends as I work towards filling in all of the holes and completing all of the courses that are indicated for semester “200960” (Fall 2009). I have filled in some spaces with courses, but I have not indicated a semester yet. I would love to indicate “201020” (Spring 2010), but I must not, for fear that some academic superstition will fall upon me and see to it that I never complete this thing. It is a strange feeling seeing this form so full. When I first enrolled last fall (for this spring), the form was much more empty and I felt like I would never manage to focus in to complete this thing. I worried that I would find too many other courses to divert me, but I have managed to stay on track this time.

My personal flow chart is a little more direct about things and presents things more cleanly. All that will remain after this fall is that little group of three courses up in the top right corner. History and Systems of Psychology (PSYC 400), Senior Seminar (PSYC 430) and an elective (PSYC 380, Behavior Modification).