Prime Focus

I have been looking at some images that I took this evening. They are mostly macro in nature (and of nature). I used my close up filter kit on top of the 18-55mm VR lens for the shots. Everything looked normal, except for my focal lengths. I used to do macro at between 50 and 55mm on that lens. Almost all of these images were between 34 and 36mm, which indicates to me that I have picked up a habit from another lens. Before today I had not used the 18-55mm lens for macro since the arrival of the 35mm lens, and only took it with me for the purpose of having a versatile zoom lens on the camera. I find it strange that I did this. All of those zoom levels available and I stuck to the composition that seemed “normal” to me, which is that of the other lens. I suppose I have become more attached to my prime lens than I originally thought possible. It was ordered as a “special purpose” portrait lens that was for portraits or in low light situations. The lens has been a quite valuable tool in low light, astrophotography, macro and a variety of other implementations. I can’t quite use it yet for bird watching, I believe that responsibility would fall upon its bigger cousin, the 600mm AF-S f/2.8, but at a cost of $10,000 I believe I will stick to taking macro insect shots and leave the birds to someone else to photo (although, a few weeks ago I got about 5 absolutely horrible shots of hummingbirds on my canna lily).