Empty Days

With my graduation coming up in a few months, I am beginning to worry about my sanity. My time with no classes seems to be mostly disjointed days of looking for tasks to accomplish, usually resulting in some really lame pattern of existence. I do not like this existence and am looking forward to classes resuming on the 20th, but I must face the fact that I shall only experience this anticipation twice more before my undergraduate career comes to an end and I am without classes nearly permanently. There is nothing to do during the summer around here. I have a membership to the museum and have visited several times, but it just isn’t that interesting. I am hoping to go with Chris to the NC Zoo sometime this week and maybe some other places next week. The biggest event of the summer, as usual, has been helping my aunt, which in the end is not that much fun (but it is something to do). Wandering aimlessly with no purpose is getting to me. I need tasks, orders or any form of a clue for my free time.