Expanding the Photographic Kit Yet Again

I thought for sure after my Summer additions to my “system” I would be finished for a while, but it seems a few things have cropped up that I feel compelled to deal with.

Lowepro TopLoader

Orion Universal Camera Adapter

LumiQuest Pocket Bouncer

I have been on an endless search for a new camera bag, something that would allow me to carry all of my accessories and be ultra flexible, etc. That bag does not exist and never will due to certain inconvenient laws of physics. On the other hand, this bag takes care of the portable aspect and will allow me to carry my camera with my long zoom lens comfortably installed as well as has room for me to attach additional lenses on the side and a pocket for my Lens Pen.

Before considering taking the great plunge of getting a new telescope for astrophotography (due to focus issues) I am considering using this little gem to adjust my focus and allow me to shoot through one of my telescope’s eyepieces. It’s not a fix-all type of device, since I will still be limited in the ability to track an object for long exposure, but chances are, no matter what I do as far as a scope, I will require this adapter to make my life simpler.

When I found out about this device I wanted to scream. I have been bouncing from ceilings since July when I got my SB-600, and trying to use my diffuser cap when in situations where the bounce was impractical. Now I have found this device and I wonder, why did I not think to look for a product like this before? I have seen some photographers recommend using an index card taped to the flash instead of this, but my thought there is 1. Little too tacky, 2. Little too sticky to put on my flash and 3. That flash gets way too hot for paper that near to it.


On the positive side of things, I have developed a criterion on which my decision to upgrade the body in my system will be based. I shall obtain a new SLR body whenever I encounter a situation where the body is the limitation to me not getting a shot, or when the total cost of accessories needed to meet my wants meet the cost of the new body. At the moment I can only identify about $450 of a $1,200 body, so it might be a while.