High Dynamic Range

Recently I have been working with a technique for digital photography called “high dynamic range”, which essentially takes the highlights from one image and matches them with the shadows from another image shot in the exact same position in a different exposure value. There is also another process that can be applied to an HDR image called tone mapping, that I don’t really know what it is yet, but it produces interesting results. Fusing is another related process to HDR, except it isn’t truly a high dynamic range, it is just fusing various segments from the images and creating a composite image. These images are supposed to appear more natural than the originals, but so far, I am having difficulty with that particular aspect of HDR. I suspect I am not selecting images that are far enough apart representing enough of the range needed to develop the final images, or I simply do not know which sliders to roll to get my desired result.

Individual Exposures

HDR + Tone Mapped Composite

Fused + Tone Mapped