The Deed, It Has Been Done

After much wrestling with self and encouragement from friends (do you have to push a guy who is already about to jump?), I have decided to buy the Nikon D90 with 18-105mm lens. I ordered it last night from It is on its way here now via UPS Next Day service. I feel that the addition of this photographic instrument to my system will put me at a great advantage, especially with some of my favorite subjects (usually things in darkness). I am told that buyer’s remorse is common when making large purchases, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling really kind of sick on my stomach thinking about the fact that I bought a D90. I know it will be a good addition, I just hope it isn’t too soon. I want to become a professional photographer, so wouldn’t the first step be to step up to appropriate equipment?

As a side note to this, I have decided that I will be starting Project 365 in the next day or so, whenever the D90 is up to it, and attempt to take a photo every day. I think it will be a good way for the D90 and I to become good friends and develop a working relationship that will allow me to create interesting images (I’m tired of pretty).

One thought on “The Deed, It Has Been Done

  1. Good for you. 🙂
    365 is an awesome project. I have a LJ friend that is on his second year and it’s awesome following his work. Not only do you get to know people, but you get to witness the evolution of their skills.
    In your case, I have an added suggestion: take 2… one for here and one for your “other site” 😉
    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your stuff (as always). 😉

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