Titling Photographic Works

One of the most difficult things I have found is giving titles to photographic work. When I upload to Flickr I tend to do it all as a batch in a rather unpolished kind of way. I don’t tag and I don’t title. It’s just there, for the taking. Some of my photographs I have tried to title, but keep coming up blank or with things that are just way too simple and without meaning, such as “Small Red Flower” or “Water on Leaf”. Its just not something I am good at yet. In titling most work, the most important thing is to find a unique feature and go with it, but it is hard to make a succinct title describing the effect of light on a subject and to embody the subtle details of the camera grain with the shadows, or any other type of unique feature. Not titling work does work for me, but whenever I have to have a title, such as in Flickr, and I simply leave the file name, it just seems to lazy of me. I suppose I must find a way to break through this non-naming phase and allow myself to apply labels to my work.