Flickr Boredom

It feels like it has been days since any of my contacts on Flickr have posted anything. It seems like since I started my project I have been more interested in what others are doing and as a result I have managed to get into a state where I am looking for new content before anyone has a chance to produce it. I look for new content to inspire me, or just to occupy my time. Lately my own photos have been boring me, I suspect it’s just because there are so many of them. I push myself to experiment on things each day, but somehow I am not being interested in the results as much as I should be. I like for others to look at my images and give me feedback, and I have not been getting that lately. Everyone will respond positive comments about the images when prompted, but that’s not what I am looking for, I want to know if I am making mistakes, I want to know if I am doing something compositionally stupid and I want to know if there is something that someone feels is absent in my images. I don’t publish my photos for people to stroke my ego and tell me how good things are, I have a boyfriend for that. I need to know the reality of my work. There are things that others can see in my images that I cannot, and that information is very important to my ability to improve as a photographer.