Light Unhappiness

A few days ago my new softbox light arrived, I was so happy, I even played with how it worked on the ground, etc. I was a little unhappy because the light wouldn’t screw into a tripod, so I figured, ok, there must be a trick to this, that’s why Adorama was trying to sell me a light stand, so I bought a light stand. Today the light stand arrives and I feel like a monkey with a wrench. I know its useful, I’ve seen others using one and know it can work, but I can’t figure out how to get my light on to the stand. I have tried turning my head, the stand and the light every way I can think of. It took me 10 minutes to realize that the thing that came in the bag with the light is NOT an adapter, but instead a handle. Woohoo me! So now I’m still desperately trying to figure things out, attempting to not have to spend any more money on this particular issue, but I guess if I have to I will, although, usually when I throw money at a problem, I at least know what the solutions are and how they will work, if only in a conceptual way (don’t understand internal combustion that well, but I get that you add gas and you get vroom!). I shall keep monkeying with the light stand and see if I can make magic happen. Grrr… so frustrating, and no one provides freaking manuals.

2 thoughts on “Light Unhappiness

  1. Curtis, I happened across your blog in a search I did trying to figure out how to mount one of these Flashpoint softboxes onto a light stand, in fact the light stand that Adorama reccomended I purchase with the softbox. I am going NUTS trying to figure it out, did you ever find the trick? I would really appreciate a hint!
    Gabrielle Fillon

  2. Yes, I did finally figure it out. It required another part. I used on the top of the light stand (screws directly onto the threads). Once that is in place, you open the knob on the bottom of the softbox just a bit, slide it on to the post (on the appropriate side for the groove) and then you tighten it down. By adjusting the knob you can point the light up or down, or you can swivel it side to side.

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