My Image Coding System

For my own records, and for anyone who may be interested, this is my image coding system, it identifies how an image file is to be named once it has been processed, post-processed or manipulated after initial shooting.

Nikon D-SLR Class Naming System: DSC_9999.jpg/DSC_9999.nef
Cropped Naming: DSC_9999-1.jpg, DSC_9999-2.jpg OR DSC_9999-800×600.jpg, DSC_9999_16x9
Straightening (not rotation): same as cropping
Resize: rDSC_9999.jpg OR DSC_9999r1024.jpg (if multiple resizes)
Processed RAW: DSC_9999p.jpg (first processing), DSC_9999p1.jpg (second an beyond)
Color correction/Image Cleaning (general): DSC_9999c.jpg
Color correction (mono/grayscale): DSC_9999bw.jpg
Color correction (cast addition/limited color): DSC_9999blue.jpg

Generic Change To Image, Not Affecting Image Shape/Size: DSC_9999c.jpg
Generic Change To Image (All others): DSC_9999-1.jpg