Project 365 Substitution Challenges

I have decided to accept Jared’s opinion for the substitution of days in the event I am to miss a day. I will substitute the day with a prearranged challenge, as prescribed by the following list:

  1. Self Portrait
  2. Inversion Harmony (an image that makes sense normal or color inverted)
  3. In the Moment (capture a moment as it happens, not just a representative close up)
  4. The Drip (cliché photo of water drop hitting puddle)
  5. Ugly (a photo of… ugly)
  6. Macro Beyond Recognition
  7. Artificial Season (create one of the 3 seasons that it isn’t, photographically)
  8. Dancing Fizz (capture in stop-motion form, carbonation fizz)
  9. Personality (capture a person’s entire personality in one shot)
  10. Opposites (paired opposites, in the same frame)
  11. Void (photo of an empty space…using other objects as context)
  12. Something Sensual


Here are the first 12 challenge ideas. If anyone has any more, I am open to suggestion.