Whats involved in P365?

After completing the Project 365 entry for the night, I am beginning to think about the sanity of my implementation of the project. Everyone else seems to pretty much upload files to a server and do a blog post, or upload to Flickr and then tag and set the photos accordingly. My process is a little more involved and I do not know why, thus, I seek to understand why it must be so complicated.

  1. Take photos.
  2. Transfer images to PC (via Nikon Transfer, which stamps the images)
  3. Review images in ACDSee, tag them for upload
  4. Upload tagged images to Flickr
  5. Review images again, select photo
  6. Name the photo “Photo x”.
  7. Drop photo in “Project 365” set in Flickr
  8. Add image to GITI for calendar system
  9. Create and publish blog entry for project day.
  10. Pick a caption and insert it where needed (can be at step 3, but usually happens once I’m done).

So, does this process need to be changed, or should I simply integrate a few steps, such as having GITI do the tagging and adding to a set (using Flickr API)? There are some steps that I cannot interrupt the work flow at, such as ACDSee, I have no way of making a change there and say having it to communicate with GITI on my behalf. I suppose I could however set up a different process for adding to GITI, such as something that would read my Flickr feed, but that still would only cut out one step (manual interaction with GITI). Oh well, for the level of use I want, I don’t suppose I have many options and should just do what I need to do to get things the way I like (especially since DayNumber an ProjectDate are manual variables not otherwise represented in the flow).


[intentionally filed only in “Photography” to keep “Project 365” clear for project images only]