Skewed Week

This has been a bad week for me. I have not been actively shooting for project 365 for a variety of reasons, including personal depression, really sucky weather (it’s been gray for like the past 10 days) and academic interferences (exams, etc). As today is Sunday, and therefore a new week, I am getting back on the train for the week and will try to take a single image for each day. For the past week I will use a slightly different rule for the images. To make sure I pick back up and don’t spend time worrying about the missed days I am going to treat the entire week’s images as candidates for each day, therefore, even though I have no representatives of Tuesday, Thursday or Friday I can fill in using things from Wednesday and Saturday. I let myself slip majorly this week and as a result I feel as though I need to push myself harder next week. I do not want to screw up the progression of this project. I enjoy it too much to do that. So, starting today I am going to attempt to challenge myself and do only non-lame photos each day.

This week’s photos will be posted later tonight.

One thought on “Skewed Week

  1. We all slip bro… don’t let it get ya down. It’s the season for things to get away from us… just kinda happens. I have zero doubt that you’ll be back on top of things in no time.
    In the mean time, if I can help ya with anything, you know I’m always here.
    Love ya bro.

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