Tracklog Workflow

I am trying to find ways to shorten my GPS workflow by a bit. I use a GisTeq CD-110B tracklog recorder, and it writes a new log every time it powers up or down, which can create a lot of logs since the thing powers down after 15 minutes of inactivity and powers up when it’s in motion.

The present flow of things is a bit like this:


There is a good amount of manual stuff that I want to cut out. I have already shrunk the file conversion from GPS => GPX a bit, but coding a quick way to pass the files to the conversion software, but I would still like to reduce my involvement a lot more. I recognize that between Nikon Transfer and my varying geotag apps, I can’t shorten the photo involvement process, but I’m hoping to be able to shorten a lot of the file handling, but I’m not quite sure how to go about that just yet.