Bags, Bags, and More Bags

I am so sick of dealing with bags. I used to just think that my needs simply didn’t represent the majority of people, so therefore, I was having trouble picking a bag. Now, I am starting to think that the majority of bags just suck. I received my LowePro FastPack 250 this morning and at the moment I can’t say for certain that it will be around for another few days, because I am having trouble finding any redeeming qualities about it. Even though it was described in a way that made it sound like the perfect bag for me. I should state that other than my reservations about the bag, I think it is well made and could be a quality addition to any photographer’s bag collection.

The problems however are too great to ignore, at least for me.

  • First, the bag’s visual appearance is HUGE. It is much bigger than I feel that a bag like this should be (in depth).
  • Second, I tried putting in the Nikkor 70-300 lens, it didn’t fit. It fits in the camera area, but what if I am shooting with a lens other than it? Where does it go?
  • Third, I was told this bag had the LowePro SlipLock system… uh… yeah, kinda. It has ONE connector, on the right strap. A very bad spot in my opinion, unless you are sniper needing easy access to your ammo in that area. I cannot see strapping the 70-300’s Lens Case 3 to that position and still feeling comfortable walking around in public. My shoulder holster has 2 connectors, one on each side. This bag has a side with no zippers or other things blocking a connector from being there. If there were a slip lock connector on the side of the bag, it would resolve #2, and make #1 less annoying (a bag this fucking huge has to be able to handle a large lens).

My plan at the moment is to continue to tinker with the bag’s interior configuration a bit and see if I can come up with some workable solution, and/or find a good way to use the alternative connectors on the Lens Case 3 to attach the 70-300 to the bag. Other than those problems noted, I do like the bag, and feel that my equipment would be well protected and more accessible than in my holster (little compartments, so less lens cases hanging). The compartment for the laptop is perfectly sized. Its for a 15.4″ laptop, which I don’t think it can comfortably hold, but its absolutely perfect for my 13.3. I also like that the bag stands up by itself.

At the moment I am carrying the D90 with the 18-105mm inside of a Targus laptop backpack, its not very secure in there, and there isn’t much padding, but it kind of works. There isn’t room for the 70-300mm in or on this bag either, but that doesn’t bother me cause the bag is thinner, narrower and shorter than the LowePro bag, and I have space for the Lens Case 1, containing the Nikkor 35m f/1.8, to attach to the back of the bag (horizontally).