Assessing My Photographic Worth

Yesterday was a rough day for my photographically. I couldn’t manage to get myself to really get into it for a while, mostly because I felt redundant and my images felt only mediocre, leaving me feeling kind of empty. After a while (and some brief counseling of a friend) I managed to get myself into a somewhat more photographic mood, taking over 600 images of various buildings, plants and athletes. Some of the images turned out nice, some didn’t. It doesn’t really matter, because I enjoyed doing it, and it got me to be outside and around people. That still doesn’t fix my artistic need to feel as though my photography is interesting or that it matters in some way or is in some way unique. I upload a lot of my images to Flickr, but that isn’t really useful since I upload so many for general viewing, and it is really just a mess to dig through unless things are sorted properly, and I don’t really sort much. My general photostream is a mismatched set of images from various perspectives on the world with no consistent meaning, and the images are of varying quality.

This morning after becoming annoyed with the fact that my photostream is so cluttered, I created a new set, called “Portfolio”, although its intentions are a little more vague than its name. I have presently placed several images taken from the time I started using Flickr through present that I find interesting or that I feel showcase a special part of what I like to do with photography. I came up with 41 photos so far, but I intend to add to it as I have more images that I really like.