Procrastination: Not Just for Students

I thought I was bad for procrastinating on my papers all semester, but not I don’t feel quite as bad. One of my instructors is about a month behind on her grading. Dr. “Monique” started grading assignments in her online courses at about 5pm this evening, and grades are due at midnight. She is an instructor that relies on Blackboard for her gradebook, which presently doesn’t even show any signs of the final paper, which makes me think she has at least 25 papers sitting on her desk waiting to be read after she finishes grading discussion boards. I don’t know what her other courses are like, but the two that I have with her have papers that need to be graded, as well as other assignments. I don’t know how she will manage to get a quality grading job done if she has that much work left to do.

I suspect that if she gets done, she will be cross-eyed and needing to sleep for a while.

Dr. “Monique” is just the worst example, the others are behind as well. The other 3 instructors had not turned in grades as of 4PM today (system refresh for Banner is 4pm and 9am), but they at least have all of the raw data together and just need to get it to the registrar.

Ah, procrastination, its good for everyone!