Future Academic Plans

I probably spend way too much time thinking about academics, and the amount of time I spend writing about it is probably just as bad, but there are more things to discuss. This evening I have been looking at my future academic options. I have looked at the degree requirements for a variety of curriculums that I had started, but not finished. The major ones are the AAS in Computer Programming, Certificate in C# Programming, AFA in Visual Arts. I have quite a few components left on the AAS in Computer Programming, something like 10 courses remaining until I am eligible for the degree. The Certificate in C# Programming only requires 2 more courses, and those can be easily completed, so it is quite possible that I will finish off that program, even if it is just for the fun of it. The Associate in Fine Arts degree requires 19 more credit hours of work, which I intend to work on, at least to the point of finishing off the base studies work (2D/3D Design, art history course). This covers several of my endeavors that I have left in limbo, in essence, what is required to resolve my past academic life.

Moving on to the real future plans, I intend to take the GRE (Graduate Records Examination) sometime this fall, probably in October. I am very nervous about it because I have not taken a standardized ETS exam in quite a while. After I have taken the exam and received a satisfactory score, I will begin applying to graduate schools. I have no idea where I will end up at this point, but I intend to thoroughly evaluate my options. I do believe I would like to stay in the area of Psychology, so I will focus on those programs. ECU and UNCC are still my primary targets for such a program. My other worry for graduate school is getting 3 people who can recommend me for graduate school admissions. I do not have a lot of people who know me personally who aren’t related to me that can vouch for my dedication to academics and to psychology. I am trying to make a good impression on people this semester so that I may be able to make a few contacts who can write letters for me, or fill out the electronic forms to recommend me.

As much as I want to look forward to future academic adventures, I keep feeling drawn back to things I haven’t done, like the art programs and degrees in some of my technical interests that I have not finished. So many things to do and so little time in which do accomplish them.