Withdrawn From Somewhere I’ve Never Been

I periodically like to review my enrollment records with the National Student Clearinghouse, if for no other reason than to make sure that none of my schools have reported me as deceased. Found something surprising tonight while looking over my records though. Apparently NCSU has been reporting me as “withdrawn” for the past 3 semesters. I am wondering why they are reporting me as such, since to be withdrawn I would have had to be enrolled at some point, right? It is true that in late 2008 I considered enrolling and even registered for a course, I dropped the course before the semester began and they never reported the course as being on my records. So… why are they claiming I am withdrawn, and why these past semesters, but not before?

I am used to schools posting a W to the NSC record, but usually only after an F (Full), H (Half) or LT (Less-than Half) posting. Such postings are common with my community colleges where I register one semester and might be at another in the following semester, based on course availability.