Sup?: September 29, 2010

What’s up with me?

  • Today is is rainy and sort of chilly outside, but I’m in the library, where it feels like 90.
  • A lot of what is going on lately in my life has to do with my aspirations to enroll at a graduate school.
    • I have completed the easy parts of my grad school applications, the basic biographical stuff.
    • I still have to find people to write recommendations for me. I have a few prospects for people, but I feel awkward asking for them.
    • I have to write a statement of purpose for each of my potential graduate schools.
    • I still have to gather my official transcripts, the unofficials are in.
  • In my undergraduate world
    • Have to complete a sociology paper
    • Test is due on Friday in my Animal behavior class, I’m a little freaked about that, its the first one, and I don’t like the class that much
    • There is a quiz due on Sunday in Child Psychopathology
    • There is a quiz due on Sunday in History and Systems of Psychology
    • I have to manage to keep myself focused on all of my coursework to maintain my GPA for graduate school