An Update on SOCI 210

  • The registrar at Gaston (Dellinger) responded to my e-mail about what Dr. Miller said (“The instructor says you won’t let him post my grade early”), asking for who the instructor is (you know, cause looking me up in the system to find the course and instructor would be hard cause of my common last name)
  • It is my suspicion that because of the nature of things there might be a loophole to the condition that Dr. Miller believes exists for posting a course grade (I smell a paper form and lots of ink from a dean’s pen).
  • My advocate in the Distance Ed office, Ms. Wells, seems to have bumped my email up to the Director of Distance Education, who replied. I was asked for the name of who denied me a pre-requisite override, what was specifically said and what courses I need. I was also assured that she would do whatever is in per power to resolve this.

It still feels like there are some balls up in the air, but at least people aren’t replying and telling me “you can’t do that”. I suspect that if I can’t get approval from the chair of Sociology for an override, then someone above the department chair may be able to help, assuming that the director of distance education cannot unilaterally grant the permit.

If all of that falls through, Dr. Miller is willing to grade me early (seems almost eager on the idea), but believes the registrar won’t let him. The registrar on the other hand seems to believe that there is no reason that he can’t grade me now. I think on that front, I’m going to quietly work on my paper and let this adventure work out between the registrar and instructor.

I guess if all of the people currently working for me manage to drop the ball I might be able to get favor with my potential instructors for Spring and maybe get a tiny touch of sympathy for what I’ve gone through just to take their courses.

Just as a little reminder, this all started because I wanted to take SOCI 333 (Intro to SPSS) and didn’t have the pre-requisite for it. Speaking of which, once I jump through the rest of the hoops in my sociology minor, I STILL have to get a pre-requisite override for the sociological statistics course to take SOCI 333. On that front I at least have the assurance of the instructor that it will be handled.