Chaos of my Academic Life

The situation:

  • Registration opens on November 1. I have no courses left in my major that I need to take, but I have several to complete in my minor (sociology).
  • I must have the pre-requisite course SOCI 210 to register for courses in the sociology minor.
  • SOCI 210 is not offered in a form that is accessible to me from FSU.
  • I planned to take SOCI 210 during the summer, but no seats were available, so I registered for SOCI 210 for Fall at Gaston.
  • The Sociology department at FSU will not allow a pre-requisite override on the basis of the course-in-progress.
  • Note: if I were taking the SOCI 210 course at FSU, it wouldn’t matter that the course is still open, I would be allowed to register. They are discriminating because it is not a local course.
  • Because the course is self-paced and I am almost finished I am attempting to get the grade posted early and the course transferred ASAP.
  • The registrar at Gaston told me to contact my instructor about the possibility of posting the grade early.
  • Instructor says he is fine with posting the grade early, but that the registrar will not let him.
  • Instructor volunteers willingness to write a letter to my department to set things into motion.


I have taken the following measures to try to ensure me being able to register:

  • Pleaded with Sociology chair – he seems unmoved and unwilling to override.
  • Sent e-mail to College of A&S counselor – she seems optimistic, but generally unhelpful.
  • E-mailed the individual course instructors – no reply yet.
  • E-mailed the Director of Distance Programs. Her role in life is to ensure equality between distance and normal students and to fight for distance students where possible – No reply from her yet. She seems like a good alley to have.
  • Attempted to get permission for the grade to be posted and transferred early.

Ultimately there are only two things that can resolve this:

  1. Someone manage to get me an override permit
  2. Somehow get the course transferred early

Options don’t seem to good at the moment, but I’m trying to get all of my colleges and all of my departments working for me.