Classes I Never Took, But Wish I Did

  • Physics II – a continuation of basic college physics. Covering more on the topics of electricity, magnetism, light and optics. From this course I specifically would have loved to have gotten into the optics section. Unfortunately, I never took this course. It appeals to a variety of my interests, from the electricity topic covering how energy moves and how it is converted to its various forms. I would have found that fascinated; to my interests in astronomy and photography that would have been aided by learning more about optics. I never needed the course for a major or anything and thus, it never really happened for me.
  • Art History I – In this series of courses, I only took the 2nd part. Well, that’s not completely true. I registered for the course and worked at it for a while, but then ended up dropping it because it seemed like a lot of work at the time when I already had enough of a load. I would have liked to have covered the art of pre-history and concentrated on the basis of art, how we have come to know art as we do today.
  • 2D Design – Two-dimensional composition is something I feel like I got a healthy dose of in Drawing I, but I do not think I know enough to be competent in most mediums. The opportunity for this course just never really presented itself.
  • Figure Drawing – This course I wanted to take, but it was never offered. I feel like I have missed out on this. I have an appreciation for the human form and would have liked to have gotten to know how to properly render it. Mr. Biggers wanted to show us some in Drawing II, but unfortunately he became ill and did not get to teach that particular course.

Just a few of my undergraduate regrets. Surprisingly I thought this list would be longer. Thinking about it, all except for Figure Drawing I could probably pull off between free hours in the spring semester and the summer session for which I currently have nothing planned. Should I go for it?