A Little Nervous

I just finished reading some information about the UNC Charlotte graduate program in Clinical Psychology and learned that only five students are accepted into the program each year. This makes me a little nervous about my likelihood of being accepted. My undergraduate record is not that good and it certainly doesn’t show a complete dedication to psychology, since I’ve changed majors several times and my academic record reads a little bit like it belongs to a dissociative personality disorder patient, especially in the earlier section. All of the documentation for the program makes it sound like the expected result for an applicant is to not be accepted. I worry that there are applicants that will send their applications that will have GPAs of 3.8 – 4.0 who are tons more qualified than me and have a much more concrete psychology track on their record.

Maybe I am overreacting a little. My grades for my actual psychology work are actually pretty decent, and since declaring the psychology major I have stuck with it and my academic record has been at least mostly focused on it.

One thought on “A Little Nervous

  1. Keep in mind, it takes a while for most undergrads to find their path. You’re not alone, bro. I don’t think I know anyone who went in knowing what they wanted to do/study (well, except my mom).

    Don’t stress it. Do what you can do, put it out there, and let the rest just happen.

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