Distance Education Options for Spring 2011

Blue Ridge CC CSC 251 Advanced Java Programming Not thrilled about Java, but would help meet my Computer Programming degree requirements.
Cape Fear CC MAT 263 Calculus II Calculus scares me. This will be an interesting diversion from Sociology.
Central Piedmont CC BIO 168 Anatomy and Physiology I always thought it would be an interesting course, but never had a reason to take it.
  GEL 120 Physical Geology Another of those courses that I’ve wondered about, but never really had a reason to take.
Fayetteville Tech CC ART 171 Computer Art I I’ve wanted to take this course for a while, but wasn’t sure about it, now its available online.
Forsyth Tech CC CSC 234 Advanced C++ Programming This course has been quite elusive. Would meet programming requirement as well as be fun and interesting for me.
Gaston College ART 114 Art History 1 Counts toward art requirements, and is an area I am interested in, especially since I had to withdraw when I originally enrolled.
Johnston CC CSC 136 Fortran Programming I wouldn’t actually take this course, but its interesting to note that it is available as an online course.
Lenoir CC ART 260 Photography Appreciation This is not a course I originally was looking for, but it pops out as something that may be potentially useful for learning better composition.
Mitchell CC CHM 131 Intro to Chemistry I always thought that Chemistry might be fun. I have never had a chemistry course taught by competent faculty.
Pitt CC ART 171 Computer Art 1 Another section of ART 171, in case FTCC doesn’t work out.
Surry CC CSC 234 Advanced C++ Programming An additional section of CSC 234, in case Forsyth does not allow enrollment.
Wake Technical CC CSC 234 Advanced C++ Programming Yet another section of CSC 234. I suspect this course might not be that hard to find.


There is one course I could find available online at all of the colleges, ART 111 – Art Appreciation. It seems to be the only constant, which I find to be a little funny since it is the first online course that I ever enrolled in. Another thing I found was that a lot of the community colleges are lacking any sense of a physics department, but yet most will have biology and/or chemistry.  There are some schools that no longer have the CSC program, but instead have CTS, which has minimal programming courses. Many of the colleges have “distance education” links displayed prominently on their web pages, but only a few seem to have any significant distance education effort. There are a good number of colleges that by the time I was beginning my course search for spring had not yet made an attempt to publish an online schedule.