One More Semester


Introduction to SPSS | SOCI 333, Crime and Delinquency | SOCI 340, History of Sociological Thought | SOCI 350, Race and Ethnic Relation | SOCI 412

A few hours ago I sent an “Advisement Verification Form”, an official declaration of my intentions for the registration period that is opening on November 1. This will be my last time filling out one of these forms. The schedule I transmitted is as it appears in the table above, with the exception of a few “safety” electives to fill space in the event of a problem.  As some of you will probably notice, the schedule presented is 4 courses, or 12 credit hours and I prefer to plan for 15 credit hours in most semesters. I will NOT be taking any serious course to fill the last spot, but will use it for something fun or interesting.

At present I am considering Art History 1, one of my “courses of regret”, to fill the spot. Other alternatives would be something like Figure Drawing if I could find it offered somewhere. Alternatively my thoughts have gone to more technical courses such as Database Programming or Advanced C++ (if I could find somewhere that offered it). A final thought goes toward something more rigorous, but yet in a different mental space, such as Physics II. I previously had an option for taking the course, though UNC-Chapel Hill’s Friday Center for Distance Education, but that course is now closed and I can not enroll in it. So yet another course is left up to the whim of the institutions. I have 58 community colleges in this state, so at least one of these courses that I wish to take should be available somewhere (with the exception of the drawing course, which obviously must be in person).

Below is a list of all of the courses that I have considered taking or wanted to register for in the past that have never been completed.